coachingSecurity Coaching

This is a specialised and pioneering training Program of a specific methodology, aimed at mobilization, guidance and support of individuals that are occupied or wish to be occupied professionally in the Security Sector. The Business Security Advisor and Training Director of P.S.T. Mr. George Keramidas is the rapporteur of the Program which he has been applying over the past few years / in recent years / with great success, creating a new dynamic, helping persons to give an essential boost to their professional career.

The program is addressed to those who are unemployed and wish to have a career in the sector, to the base personnel (security) who are interested in moving to a higher level and planning the next step in their career, but also to those working as Security Escorts and Security Managers who are interested in evolving and having duration in their professional course.

The business world is separated in two categories: the players and the spectators. Security coaching transforms you from a spectator into a player.

The program is divided into three levels, which function as a powerful bond among them and make and combine impeccably COACHING, CONSULTING and MENTORING.

In an organized and systematic manner we determine a strategic plan that is capable of establishing the essential foundations so that you can achieve your professional objectives.

The creation of a better future is your own decision.

Your success is our objective.

George Keramidas