PST is an consulting firm, in questions of provisions, private security services and protection  (Security – Safety). It is further involved in issues of training – further refinement of skills, within the limits of law 3879/10, (“Growth of Life Long Learning and other provisions” and particularly article 2, paragraph 5.  This is the case because the firm itself and its Advisory Team,  (whose members are simultaneously Members of the Single Registration of Instructors of Adults in the Country) and other ad-hoc Collaborators, have the know-how, academic and practical, for the provision of trainings and further refinement of skills, with Greek and international programs. PST has already carried out a line of highly successful activities, according to their domestic and foreign evaluations.

Each of the PST educational trainings is focused on educational objectives at hand,  as practical and operation with the method of  critical paradigms or the “NADLER Model” and with all three sectors of the trainee being affected as per BENJAMIN  BLOOM, and with the Methods and  Techniques of the major educators Paulo Freire (philosophy of adult education) and  Kokkou, Rogers, Noye-Piveteau, Race, Knowless,  Mucchielli, Lewin, Dewey, Mezirow and suitable educational aids and educational material.

The educational objects cover a wide spectrum of “Security – Safety” subjects and PST and its Advisory Team, act not merely educationally, but also as facilitators of knowledge” according to modern international standards.


The programs include  issues from the sectors

  1. VIP security & protection, at an advanced and demanding level ( S.M.A.R.T. VIP PROTECTION). 
  2. Safety.
  3. Fire Safety and Fire Protection
  4. Modes   Operandi of special crimes, useful for the recognition of precursor points, especially by Team Leaders, so that they can act preventively and in collaboration with the state force.
  5. Industrial-Financial-Commercial Espionage. Countermeasures.
  6. Trainings/Refinement of Skills of Private Investigators, according to Laws 3206/2003 and 3707/20087.  
  7. Trainings in the way of growth of all eight (8) Security Plans of Information and investigations and the corresponding Programs, (Business Intelligence & Marketing Counter Espionage Managing).    
  8. Trainings in the way of growth of remaining Security Plans, such as the basic Master Plan,  SAEK, EKPA, Handbook of Critical Situations and derivatives of plans.
  9. Trainings in the typical security work, with a modification of the “Australian Model”, suitable for modern demands, for static and patrolling guard duty; in building clusters of offices, building clusters of shopping centres, factories, ports, airports, water airports, marinas, hospitals, financial organisations.
  10. Trainings of superior executives IEPYA and “In House Security Departments”.  
  11. Intelligence for International subjects for Businesspeople and “Countries’ Profiles”.
  12. Civilian Anti Terrorist Protection Course.